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Superior Brand, Superior Quality

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The Tungsram brand, one of Europe’s largest range of vehicle lamps. Their superior quality is achieved by extensive use of the latest research and development with highly qualified technical personnel working in modern laboratories. Our constant quality aim is Zero Defects. This involves designing quality into the lamps leading to suitability and reliability with a high standard of quality equalling that of the manufacturing technologies. Our lamps are manufactured to strict international standards and appropriately marked in conformance with E.C.E. regulations or with other Standards (DIN, ANSI). The company is on the Approval list of many of the worlds car manufacturers, where quality and performance are key measurements.


As well as the basic range, we offer the premium range, based on special lamp designs. The premium range includes: Extra Life, Megalight Plus, Megalight Ultra, Rally, Sportlight. The premium lamps have additional benets in terms of life, colour, vibration resistance or wattage. The premium lamps are also E1 marked, making their use on the EU roads possible, with the exception of Rally lamps that were designed for o--road usage. Extra life lamps have enhanced life, Megalight Plus and Ultra lamps posses increased luminance, Sportlight halogen lamps give intense blue-white light.


  • 12V Halogen headlight lamps (single and double filament)
  • Extra Life
  • MEGALIGHT ULTRA +120 (120% more light on the road)
  • MEGALIGHT ULTRA +90 (90% more light on the road)
  • Stop/Tail, Reverse, Fog Light Lamps, Indicator, Warning and Interior Lamps


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Tungsram Bulbs

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Product Glossary

Fog Light Lens
A glass lens which covers the fog light bulb. In most late model cars the lens is casted as part of the fog lamp assembly.