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The First Formulation to Extend Engine Life:


The Maxlife range of engine oils is specifically formulated to meet the needs of high-kilometer engines. With special additives such as special seal conditioners and cleaning agents, Maxlife engine oils revitalize critical parts to help engines run for a very long time. Voted product of the year by Lubricants World, Maxlife engine oil is endorsed by the leading independent European approval body TÜV Nord. Maxlife engine oils provide a perfect solution for aftermarket service as the combined properties help slow the ageing process, and maximize the performance and life of high-kilometer vehicles.



  • Reduces oil leaks - Unique conditioners help improve the elasticity of seals,
    thus reducing oil leaks, oil consumption and deposit formation.
  • Reduced oil consumption - Advanced additives minimize oil breakdown and burn-off.
  • Superior wear reduction - Unique friction modifiers and anti-wear additives help.
    prevent future component wear and breakdown.
  • Reduction of oxidation - Extra detergents and dispersants prevent the formation
    of harmful varnish and sludge deposits that cause oil to thicken.

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