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Manual Transmission & Axle Oil

Introduction to Driveline Lubricants: Today’s gearboxes and transmissions are designed to produce higher levels of performance than before. This, in turn, requires the use of high-quality and increasingly-complex gear lubricants. For years, Valvoline has manufactured and marketed a high quality range of gear oils which is a result of extensive field experience and R & D facilities / initiatives.


SynPower Driveline Lubricants: SynPower driveline oils are high-performance, fully synthetic lubricants specially formulated to meet the needs of modern, as well as conventional gear boxes and axles of passenger cars, trucks, buses and other heavy-duty applications. Formulated with the most advanced additive technology, SynPower driveline lubricants provide outstanding thermal stability over a wide temperature range; improve easier shifting at low-temperatures and offer superior protection against wear and corrosion.

DuraBlend Driveline Lubricants: DuraBlend driveline lubricant are specifically designed to provide boosted protection and high-performance, at both high and low-temperatures. DuraBlend oils are formulated with a unique blend of synthetic and premium base oils with an advanced additive system to provide superior extreme-pressure benefits and extra durability for tough driving conditions. Recommended for cars, trucks and buses.

Maxlife Driveline Lubricants: A lot of passenger cars transmissions have different needs. Multi-vehicle MaxLife manual transmission fluids are designed to meet the requirements of most of manual transmissions where API GL-4 lubricants are recommended. It has been successfully used as a problem solver for low temperature 'shiftability'' issues in the manual transmissions of a number of manufacturers.

Valvoline Driveline Lubricants: Valvoline driveline lubricants are formulated with premium base stocks and additives to provide excellent gearbox performance and protection. They offer smooth running gear operation under various temperature conditions, as well as providing protection against wear and corrosion. Recommended for use in cars, trucks and buses.

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Manual Transmission & Axle Oil

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