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Ignition Coils


Delphi ignition coils feature precise spark timing response for increased fuel economy and faster crank-to-run. Our ignition coils provide accurate electrical energy to create a voltage potential at the spark plug, providing for superior engine performance that adjusts to driving and environmental conditions. Plus, like all our ignition system components, they enable engine management systems to maintain tighter control over emissions, economy and performance.


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A: Smaller Compact Design Results in fewer materials and tighter coupling to the electromagnetic circuit. This helps deliver energy more efficiently and continuously to enhance engine performance and optimize fuel efficiency.


B: Corona-resistant Case The coil and integral igniter module are fully encapsulated into one package.


C: More Precise Spark Timing Response For increased engine performance.


D: Direct Placement on the Spark Plug Gives the spark a shorter distance to reach the spark plug; also the coil placement provides a perfect fit in the plug hole for effective sealing.


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Ignition Coils

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