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We’ve used over 100 years of OE ignition system experience to create advanced magnetic design and modelling capabilities. The result, an efficient coil design that helps to deliver optimum engine performance, exhaust emissions, and fuel economy. With one of the most comprehensive line of ignition coils and smart ignition systems in the industry, Delphi supplies OE applications for some of the top vehicle manufacturers globally including BMW, GM, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Peugeot and Volkswagen. In fact, we supply 23 million OE coils per year. That’s a lot of coils!



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We bring the same OE expertise to the aftermarket. In Europe alone, our range includes some 20 OE ignition coils that cover more than 10 million vehicles. That’s backed up by an extensive OE quality all-makes range for optimum coverage, as well as access to OE-level diagnostics, training, technical support and information.




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> Over 100 years of OE ignition systems expertise.


> OE designed, engineered and manufactured for smart ignition systems.


> Built with the very latest OE technology to deliver total control.


> Primary and secondary coils wound smoothly and tightly for maximum magnetic power in every turn of the wire.


> OE-engineered for efficiency and a streamlined path to spark plug.


> Proprietary steel core allowing the winding to be directly on the core for maximum magnetic efficiency.


> Smart manufacturing controls wire lengths and keeps voltage the same.


> High quality wire coating resists imperfections that lead to failure.


> Streamlined part numbers to reduce inventory.


> Aftermarket portfolio of 400 plus parts covering more than 93% of the European parc.


> 20 OE ignition coils covering more than 10 million vehicles in Europe


> Advanced DS diagnostics with the ability to activate individual coils, test cylinders for spark, adjust ignition timing and adapt coils.


> Access to training, technical support and online information.

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The continuous development of ignition technology has advanced in recent years – and with it, the requirements from vehicle manufacturers. For this reason, Delphi offers different ignition coil technologies:


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Product Glossary

Distributor Assembly
Central to an ignition system on gasoline engines, an electro-mechanical device which receives a high voltage spark via an ignition coil and transmits that spark, in a firing order, to each of the engine's spark plugs.
Distributor Cap
The phenolic cover on the top of a distributor assembly, whose job it is to send an electronic pulse to each spark plug via a set of spark plug cables, according to the sequential firing order.
Distributor Rotor
A phenolic part which sits just underneath the distributor cap and whose duty it is to receive a spark from the ignition coil via a cable usually connected to the centre of the cap and transmit that spark according to the vehicle's firing order, to the terminals located inside the distributor cap and on to the spark plugs via the spark plug wires.