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Fuel Systems

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With the benefit of more than 100 years of OE heritage, Delphi is a leading OE manufacturer in fuel technology. In fact, Delphi has more than 30 OE-proprietary innovations and 150 patents in fuel module and pump design, and we test our fuel pumps for durability up to 150,000 miles. We supply applications for leading vehicle manufacturers, including BMW, Chrysler, Fiat, Ford, GM, Hyundai, Isuzu, PSA, and Volkswagen.


Media Library - Delphi Fuel OE Engineering

We design and build our aftermarket portfolio with the same dependable, reliable parts for a fuel pump line-up that you and your customers can trust. We also understand that it’s more than just parts. We offer the tools, training and know-how for smart fuel repairs.



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> Fuel systems expertise.


> Patented, innovative OE technology: 30 OE-proprietary innovations and 150 patents.


> OE tested for reliability up to 150,000 miles.


> Some tests will run over 10,000 hours continuously — that’s over 1 year non-stop.


> Durability tested to withstand up to 22% ethanol.


> Tested in corrosive, contaminated E22 fuel blends for long life and fewer comebacks.


> Designed to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -32ºC to 65ºC.


> Streamlined part numbers to reduce inventory.


> Aftermarket portfolio of over 1,900 parts covering more than 75,000 applications.


> Advanced diagnostics with DS tool including ability to activate and shut off fuel pump, adjust fuel pump adaptation value and test fuel pressure regulator.


> Access to training, technical support and online information.




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Product Glossary

Fuel Injector
An electrical or mechanical device which meters tiny amounts of fuel into a combustion chamber.
Fuel Pump
A vacuum device, operated either mechanically or electrically, that is used to draw gasoline from the tank and sends it into the carburetor or fuel injector nozzles.