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Engine Management

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As a leading OE manufacturer of engine management systems, we build our OE expertise into every product, for smart parts that deliver improved emissions control, fuel economy, and driveability. Take our planar oxygen sensors - they deliver the industry’s fastest activation time. As quick as six seconds. But that’s just one example. We make many more equally smart parts. From MAF to MAP, crank to knock, cam to ABS sensors, to name but a few. And we supply these OE applications for the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers including Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Hyundai, Kia, Lancia, Opel/Vauxhall, PSA, Renault and Volvo.


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The electronic content on new vehicles continues to rise at a rapid rate. In the 1980’s, 15% of a vehicle’s value was electronics. Today that number is 40% and growing. For any vehicle, this means that a significant sum is tied into the vehicle electronics alone. It also means a substantial repair opportunity for garages equipped with the right parts, tools and skills. Delphi is ready. Are you?


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> Full systems expertise: integrated systems and components.


> Patented, innovative OE technology.


> OE tested and calibrated to meet or exceed OE requirements.


> Subjected to rigourous testing for durability, performance and environmental compliance.


> Aftermarket portfolio of over 1,400 parts.


> Maximum coverage and reduced inventory with consolidated SKUs.


> OE-level training with courses such as essential electrics, engine management and multiplex.


> Delphi DS tool offering advanced engine management diagnostics including reset adaption (post renewal of throttle body, MAP, MAF etc.), adjust/reset of the throttle actuator and EGR valve coding.


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Product Glossary

AC Compressor Clutch
A component utilizing a magnetic solenoid used to engage and disengage an AC compressor on command from the climate control system.
AC Relay
Generally, the relay which powers the AC compressor.
AC Switch
Any of several switches used to control various functions of an AC system.
An electrical device which is driven by a fan belt or serpentine belt which generates DC electrical current and sends that current to the battery so as to keep it charged.
Auxiliary Fan
An additional cooling fan used to cool an AC condenser.
Auxiliary Air Valve
A device which allows air to bypass a closed throttle during engine start and warm-up, in order to maintain a higher idle speed. The auxiliary air valve provides extra air into the intake manifold during cold engine starting for a higher idle speed during warm-up.
Air Control Valve
1.On a fuel injection vehicle, a valve that allows air to bypass the throttle plate(s), increasing idle speed. The valve is operated by an electric solenoid or motor. The vehicle computer controls the amount of opening to regulate idle speed for varying conditions such as cold string and air conditioner compressor load.