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The thermostat is the “watchdog” of a car’s cooling system. It constantly monitors the temperature of the system and regulates coolant flow through the radiator. It operates many times each day during driving. A good thermostat speeds engine warm-up and regulates the engine’s operating temperature, which results in good fuel economy, lower emissions, better engine performance and longer engine life.


So, when replacing the thermostat, be sure to use a reliable Gates OE quality thermostat. Gates thermostats provide a precise fit to help prevent leakage. Their temperature sensitive heat motor allows precise engine cooling, in order to guarantee optimum engine performance. Gates markets several types of thermostats in order to provide the same design as specified by car manufacturers.

  • Self-cleaning and self-aligning thermostat valve
  • Original equipment design provides exact fit and performance
  • Precise sealing edges reduce leakage and premature cooling
  • Temperature sensitive heat motor provides consistent valve response for smooth performance and precise engine cooling
  • Stainless steel assembly and springs are engineered for long life

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AC Compressor
A refrigerant pump which uses compressed air to pump refrigerant through a refrigeration system.