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Marine & Leisure Batteries

VARTA provides the right battery for every application - this is evident from the VARTA Professional range for marine and caravan applications. VARTA Professional comprises five ranges of supply and starter batteries, as well as combined batteries for simultaneous start and supply. Every single VARTA Professional range has been specially designed for a wide range of applications, therefore ensuring a high level of reliability. What’s more, you can take advantage of low-cost charge and discharge cycles because our batteries boast an extremely long service life.


Get the most from your Leisure batteries


No matter how you like to spend your free time, whether it's on the high seas, the open road, or playing the fairways; there's a perfect VARTA® professional battery for you. It pays to choose a battery with a higher cyclic durability as they have a longer service life, but there are also other considerations you should take into account. You should ensure your battery is fully charged before fitment to ensure a long service life (recommended charging current is 10 % of the indicated capacity in amperes). It's also important to consider whether the battery will be used seasonally and go long periods without use. If it's going in a boat or motor home that's likely to be the case, so it's important to choose a battery with minimal self discharge so that it retains its power.


Instructions for efficient seasonal use



Prior to the rest period

  • Charge the battery completely, switch off all electrical devices, and, if possible, disconnect the battery.
  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Store batteries fully charged
  • Fully charged batteries can be stored even at temperatures well below zero – Partially charged batteries can freeze at temperatures just below zero.


During rest period

  • Check the state of charge/voltage regularly
  • Should the voltage drop below 12,4 V, recharge the battery


               Before Use

  • Fully recharge the battery and, if applicable, reconnect the electrical devices
  • Check that everything works

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Marine & Leisure Batteries

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