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Varta Batteries

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VARTA is the benchmark for battery quality in the automotive industry. The VARTA battery adheres to the highest quality standards, leaving no room for compromise and VARTA's technological expertise leads to continual innovation and improvement. They offer the market, products which guarantee improved power and reliability.


From a classic model to the latest coupé, there’s a VARTA dynamic battery to power it. Their strength lies in developing strong working relationships with car makers. They trust their skills in innovation to develop the best batteries for the world’s most advanced new vehicles.


The true strength inside every VARTA® battery


Media Library - Varta Power FrameNo other battery is constructed quite like VARTA. For a start, their patented PowerFrame® stamped grid technology means VARTA batteries are far more robust than conventional ones which is just one reason why they have enjoyed many years as the car manufacturers' choice.


This unique grid provides the perfect current flow – 70% more than conventional designs. This means that every VARTA battery has extremely high starting power, recharges quickly and provides excellent corrosion resistance. The VARTA Silver dynamic delivers 122% CCA, VARTA Blue dynamic delivers 110% CCA and VARTA Black dynamic delivers 100% CCA.


In short, it's built for exceptional performance throughout its long life.

Media Library - QVC Varta Silver Dynamic Media Library - QVC Varta Blue Dynamic

Media Library - QVC Varta Black DynamicMedia Library - QVC Varta Start-Stop

Media Library - QVC Varta Start-Stop PlusMedia Library - QVC Varta Leisure & Marine

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Product Glossary

Car Battery
The car battery is used to power up a car during ignition and provide energy for the lighting system. In petrol engines, it is also used to ignite the fuel; petrol engines, therefore, can not work without these auto batteries. Diesel engines may work without batteries, if the initial electrical energy is provided at ignition.

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