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Original quality is in our DNA. By following our ethos for more than 50 years we continue to provide only the best.


Accessories & Consumables

We combine a large product range, covering everything from popular fast moving items to workshop consumables. With a first class level of customer service, we aim to provide the very best in value with very competitive prices right across our range. All products are sourced from leading global suppliers and ranges are constantly up-dated to reflect the latest products available and what the market demands.

Our range includes: 


Interior and Exterior Vehicle Accessories, Tuning products, Car Care Products, Additives and Workshop Consumables. 

Alpine EcoMotive Fast Orange GE Lighting Meta System Neolux Bulbs Osram Automotive Lighting Simply Summit Tungsram Bulbs Wynns


VARTA is the benchmark for battery quality in the automotive industry. The VARTA battery adheres to the highest quality standards, leaving no room for compromise and VARTA's technological expertise leads to continual innovation and improvement. They offer the market, products which guarantee improved power and reliability.


From a classic model to the latest coupé, there’s a VARTA dynamic battery to power it. Their strength lies in developing strong working relationships with car makers. They trust their skills in innovation to develop the best batteries for the world’s most advanced new vehicles.


Our range includes:


Automotive Batteries, Varta Battery Mobile App, Silver Dynamic, Blue Dynamic, Black Dynamic, Start-Stop Batteries, Start-Stop Plus Batteries, Marine & Leisure Batteries, Leisure Battery Comparison, Leisure Pro Deep Cycle AGM, Leisure Pro Deep Cycle, Leisure Pro Dual Purpose AGM, Leisure Pro Dual Purpose, Leisure Pro Starter, Promotive EFB, VSSP 2.0, About OPTIMA, OPTIMA YellowTop, OPTIMA RedTop, OPTIMA BlueTop.


DriveTec OPTIMA Batteries Q Lithium Pro Varta Yuasa

Body & Chassis

Body / Chassis and components are vital parts of an automobile. Body / Chassis System Components are made of Quality Materials for the Automotive Industry. Our Body & Chassis components are made to a high standard to withstand the Irish weather conditions.

Below is a list of products for Body / Chassis and Components Manufacturers who specialise in providing Body/Chassis and Components.


Our range includes:


Replacement Mirror Glass, Window Regulators, Tectyl, Amber Spray, Wiper Blades.

Champion Cofle Telco Cables DRIV Electric Life Klokkerholm Summit Tectyl


How a vehicle stops is just as important as how it moves. Today Delphi's OE safety expertise is fitted to millions of vehicles worldwide. With innovative technologies such as adaptive cruise control, electronic scanning radar, lane departure warning and collision mitigation we are committed to helping stop traffic accidents before they happen. These systems are all designed to support Delphi’s vision of a society with zero fatalities, zero injuries and zero accidents.


Our range includes:


ABS Sensors, Brake Adjusters, Brake Cables, Brake Calipers, Brake Cylinders, Brake Discs, Brake Drums, Brake Fitting Kits, Brake Fluids, Brake Hoses, Brake Pads, Brake Shoes, Brake Wear Sensors, EV Braking

Blue Print Bosch Brake Engineering Cofle Telco Cables Delphi Technologies Elstock Ferodo Gates


Distributors of leading manufacturers for the aftermarket (and as original equipment suppliers), covering the entire European, American and Asian car parc, with approximately 1,000 items.


Our range includes:


Radiators, Thermostats, Water Pumps

AVA Blue Print Gates Metelli Pierburg


Our Diagnostic Range has been developed to provide motor technicians with a wide choice of high quality diagnostic testing and workshop equipment to assist the technician in the repair of today’s modern vehicles.


Distributing some of the worlds leading aftermarket manufacturers, the exclusive range of Delphi diagnostics and test equipment, the complete range of Bosch diagnostics and workshop equipment and TPMS solutions from ATEQ. Also exclusive to Tech ‘n’ Tools is the Diag Digit from Angry Jester, which is available with full demonstration and support back up. GYS bring a professional range of Battery Chargers, Starters and Testers which have proven very popular in garages across the country.


New to the Irish market are the EV(Electrical Vehicle) Chargers from GARO, keeping Tech’n’Tools at the leading edge of new technology. Within the catalogue you will find innovative tools from Laser, Gunsonand Alba diagnostics, acknowledged as one of the leading garage service equipment providers.


Also available is our range of automotive air conditioning equipment, diagnostic tools and consumables from The Cooling Edge. With over 30 years experience within the vehicle air conditioning industry and offering the latest CTR Astra and Kristal air conditioning service stations and a premium range of lubricants, dyes and consumables you know you have the best air-con servicing solution.

Bosch Cooling Edge Delphi Technologies Laser TYRESURE

Diesel Systems

Bosch and Delphi are the world’s leading suppliers of diesel fuel injection systems and are standard equipment on many diesel engines today. Bosch and Delphi genuine OE injectors provide superior performance and durability and are manufactured to original equipment specifications. You can be confident when you install Bosch and Delphi Genuine OE injectors you are receiving a quality diesel injector.


Our range includes:


Diesel Injectors & Pumps, Diesel Systems, Diesel Portfolio, Diesel Fuel Filter, Diesel Filter Tech Tips.

Carwood Continental Delphi Technologies Meat & Doria



We offer a wide range of automotive electrical components and accessorie parts. From EV charging cables to complete engine management sensors and components range from world leading brands.


Our range includes:


MetaSystem Alarms, Easyplip Alarm Range, High Performance Alarm, Immobilisers, Wireless ModulesEngine Management, EV Charge Cables, Engine Management Portfolio, Air Control & Throttle Bypass Valve, EGR Valves, Knock Sensors, MAP Sensors, Oxygen Sensor, Speed & Position Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Starter Motors & Alternators

Blue Print Bosch Delphi Technologies Denso Meat & Doria Meta System NGK/NTK Pierburg Simply


Qualvecom are proud to supply a range of OE quality aftermarket automotive engine parts, kits and components ready for distribution across Ireland. Our goal is to bring Motor Factors an aftermarket alternative to match and beat that of original equipment.


Our range includes:


Engine Parts, Drive Belts, Crankshaft Pulleys, Cylinder Head Bolt Kits, Engine Bearings, Engine Gaskets, Fuel Pumps, Hydraulic Lifters/Tappets, Oil Seals, Pistons, Piston Liners, Piston Rings, Timing Belts Kits, Tensioners and Idlers, Valves, Valve Guides, Valve Stem Oil Seals, Turbochargers 

AE Components Blue Print Bosch Delphi Technologies Elring FP Diesel Freccia Gates Glyco Goetze INA Kolbenschmidt Nural Payen Pierburg TRW Engine Components Victor Reinz


The Knecht brand has been part of the MAHLE brand family for decades. The filter specialist is synonymous with strong brand values and customer commitment across Europe.


Knecht produce filtration solutions for many of the biggest OE manufacturers. Their filters are produced in accordance with international quality standards and the requirements of their original equipment customers. Knecht plants are certified on the basis of quality norms within the automotive industry – such as IS TS 16949. Through Qualvecom, Knecht supplies the Irish market with highly-effective filter systems and filters for air, oil, fuel and cabin.


Our range includes:


Oil Filter, Air Filter, Fuel Filter, Pollen Filter, Cabin Filter, Hydraulic Filter, Water Filter.

Blue Print Bosch Delphi Technologies Knecht NGK/NTK

Fluids & Lubricants

The primary function of engine oil is to minimize metal-to-metal contact reducing friction and wear. With friction comes heat, which causes more wear and distorts moving engine parts. The oil in your engine maintains a thin, lubricating film on all metal parts that lets them glide over each other safely and efficiently, minimizing friction. 


Our range includes: 


Passenger Car Motor Oil, VR1 Racing Oil, Valvoline Truck & Bus Engine Oil, Motor Cycle Oil, Two-Stroke Motor Oil, Four-Stroke Oil, Manual Transmission & Axle Oil, Automatic Transmission Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, DriveTec Oil,

DriveTec Valvoline

Fuel System

Your engine needs a constant supply of clean fuel to run well, and deliver optimum mileage with minimal exhaust emissions. The fuel system begins at the fuel tank filler neck and ends at the injectors. Along the way the fuel is pressurized, filtered, and computer regulated so the ideal quantity mixes with air for combustion.



Our range includes:


Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pumps, Fuel Lines, Common Rail Injectors, Electronic Unit Pumps (EUP), Electronic Unit Injectors (EUI), Fuel System Connectors and Fittings

Bosch Carwood Connect Continental Delphi Technologies Meat & Doria Pierburg

Garage Equipment

The Tech ‘n’ Tools range has been developed to provide motor technicians with a wide choice of high quality tools, diagnostic testing and workshop equipment to meet the growing needs of specialist products required to assist the technician in the repair of today’s modern vehicles.


Within the website you will find exclusive ranges, giving technicians access to new and innovative hand tools, a comprehensive range of Omega tools and lifting equipment, including the patented “Magic Lift” feature and Alba diagnostics, acknowledged as one of the leading garage service equipment providers.


Also exclusive to Tech ‘n’ Tools is the range of Delphi diagnostics and test equipment, which is available with full demonstration and support back up.


Please browse the site and download our catalogue to see detailed information on these products and to discover even more tools and other distinctive products in our range.


The Tech ‘n’ Tools range of products is widely distributed across Ireland by our professional network of motor factors.  For further information, or to find out where you can purchase our products please contact us today or use the ‘find a stockist’ section.


Visit Tech'n'

Bosch Delphi Technologies Laser Tech'n'Tools TYRESURE

Service Items

A car service involves a series of maintenance procedures carried out at regular intervals, as specified by the car manufacturer. Regular services and a complete service history won’t just maintain the performance of your vehicle, they’ll also help maintain the resale value should you decide to sell your car.


Our range includes:


Filters, Plugs, Bulbs, Timing Belts, Wiper Blades, Fluids, Ignition Parts, Brake Discs and Pads. 

Blue Print Bosch Champion Delphi Technologies GE Lighting Knecht Mahle Neolux Bulbs NGK/NTK Valvoline

Steering & Suspension

Integral to its ride, handling and safety, a vehicle’s steering system must be up to the job. We make sure it is! How? By applying our OE expertise to our aftermarket steering portfolio. That’s why all our parts undergo rigorous dimension, material, durability and performance tests, helping to ensure they perform just like the OE. It’s also why we offer expert training and technical support. Giving you everything you need to repair steering systems safely, efficiently and profitably.


Our range includes: 


Steering, Ball Joints, Bushes, Drag Link, Power Steering Pumps, Power Steering Rack, Rod Assembly, Steering Kits, Suspension Links, Track Control Arm, Tie Rod Ends, Wheel Bearings, Bushings, Coil Springs, Leaf Springs, Gas Springs, Shock Absorbers, Bendix Shock Absorbers, Mounting Kits, Protection Kits, Magic Camber, Strut Mounts, Trailing Arm, Wishbone, EV Steering and Suspension parts

Blue Print Delphi Technologies Elstock FAG Febi Bilstein Monroe Optimal ROC Springs



Showcasing over 1000 tools, including the latest range of unique hand tools, lifting equipment and specialist products, Tech‘n’Tools partners with the industries leading suppliers, including Omega, Alba, Laser, Elwis and our exclusive Angry Jester range.The most recent addition is a professional range of chargers, starters and testers from GYS.

In addition to tools, our diagnostic range is from the worlds leading manufacturers, including Delphi, and Bosch, and now includes TPMS equipment from ATEQ  and the latest diagnostic tool from Angry Jester, the Diag Digit. Asian cars are covered by the market leading G-Scan.


We provide full installation support, training and unique aftersales backup on all equipment. Intelligent Welding and Air Solutions for the Automotive Professional from Angry Jester is the latest addition to the ever expanding Tech’n’Tools portfolio. The range includes MIG welders, welding consumables, plasma cutters, gas welding kits and compressors ranging in size from 50litre to 270litre.


At Tech‘n’Tools we are passionate about providing the professional technician with new and innovative tools and diagnostics equipment to meet the requirements of repairing today’s modern vehicles.


Please visit for more information and subscribe to be informed of all the latest news and offers, you can download all the latest catalogues including the ‘Diagnostic & Test Equipment’ and the ‘Intelligent Welding and Air Solutions catalogue along with the current Tech ‘n’ Tools catalogue. The website was designed to match the catalogue and make it even easier to find the right tool for the job. 


The Tech ’n’ Tools Van is currently supporting our motor factor stockists by visiting garages and workshops across the country, and helping equip technicians nationwide with tools that make jobs quicker and easier.




Bosch CLAS Equipment Connect Delphi Technologies Laser Tech'n'Tools TYRESURE Yuasa


The car transmission transfers the power from the engine to the wheels and the various components are forced to work hard from the moment you start the engine to when you arrive at your destination and turn it off. Some are designed to stop abrasion, others are there to make sure that parts move at the right speeds, and as such they can start to wear over time. When this happens the car transmission can be affected which in turn affects performance and power.


Our range includes:


Clutch Cables, Clutch Fluid, Clutch Kits, Clutch Master Cylinders, Clutch Slave Cylinders, Constant-Velocity Joint, Constant-Velocity Joint Boot Kit, Drive Shaft, Dual Mass Flywheels, Spigot Bearings

Blue Print Cofle Telco Cables Delphi Technologies Ferodo LUK

If your business is looking for information on our range contact us using the form below.

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