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Are you fitting horizontal bushes correctly? We hope so. But just in case, here’s some simple, best practice advice. Following thesesteps should ensure the safe and efficient installation of the part and avoid premature failure as a result of incorrect fitment.



 Media Library - Delphi Horizontal Bush


What you need to know: Installation tips


  1. Wherever possible carry out the repair on a four post lift, using a jacking beam to support the vehicle, and appropriate wheel chocks to ensure the vehicle does not move.
  2. Always use the new mounting nuts and bolts, where supplied, and ensure that any mounting locking devices, such as “nyloc” nuts, are replaced.
  3. Always consult the workshop manual, and tighten all mountings to the manufacturer’s recommended torque settings.
  4. When the control arm/wishbone is fitted with horizontal bushes, care must be taken to tighten the bush bolts when the vehicle is at its neutral ride height i.e. with the vehicle sat on its wheels and the suspension settled.
  5. Never tighten the bush bolts with the vehicle in the air. This will lead to excessive ‘wind up’ of the bushes once the vehicle is returned to its neutral ride height and when the suspension is under compression, and ultimately premature bush failure.
  6. If in any doubt, consult the manufacturer’s workshop manual prior to carrying out any work.

And why? What happens if bushes are not fitted correctly?


The bush will become overstressed leading to tears in the rubber.


The bush loses resistance and secure location, leading to NCT failure.


Poor handling and a knocking noise may be apparent during operation.


To Download the Full Report Please Click Below


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Media Library - Delphi Horizontal Bush Damage



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