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OE News Delphi Roadrunner

Can you believe it? It’s been one year since we drove from San Francisco to New York City, 99% of the time in fully automated mode. It was an industry first…An original pioneer trip across the United States. Our team was proud to be a part of history; proud to take a groundbreaking step toward autonomous driving.

Think about it…That cross country drive collected three terabytes of data. Now, for every automated project, we collect on average three petabytes of data depending on the amount of driving time required for each test. Want perspective? It is estimated the human brain's ability to store memories is equivalent to about 2.5 petabytes of binary data.

But we didn’t stop there…Our engineering team kept working. And honing. And designing. And inventing. In fact, our automated vehicle – or as we like to fondly call him, Delphi RoadRunner – got some significant updates in 2015.

·        First, RoadRunner scored new sensor bling including LiDAR, sensors, cameras and RADAR to deliver a 360° approach to safety.

·        It also got an HMI facelift. We personalized the automated experience with a real world, advanced HMI focused on driver and passenger comfort.

·        And finally, we debuted a new concept at CES 2016 called V2E or “vehicle-to-everythingTM” technology. From streets to signs to traffic lights to other cars and even pedestrians, Delphi RoadRunner is talking to nearly everything in its path.

Yep! A lot happened in 2015. But not only with RoadRunner…in the automotive technology industry as well. The words “autonomous driving” or “self-driving cars” became THE buzzwords of the year. From governments to tech start-ups to car companies and suppliers to drivers like you, the world became all about the ‘car of the future.

Speaking of future...while we want to wish Delphi RoadRunner a Happy Anniversary, we're excited to show you what the team will do next...and where.