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KX191/1D and KX80D-difficulty starting after installing the filter?

The two fuel filter models from MAHLE are in use inseveral million vehicles around the world. When correctly installed, they are very reliable and provide optimal filter performance. Sometimes, however, customers complain of difficulty starting the engine or of ECU error messages after installing these filter models. A detailed evaluation of the returned filters—as well as various vehicles where the problems have occurred—revealed that the cause is not the filter itself, but rather its incorrect installation. It is

therefore recommended that great care be taken during installation. What this means in practice can be illustrated by the two most common installation errors.




Diagnosis and root cause: leaking, as the cover gasket was not coated with diesel feul prior to installation, or was damaged during fitting onto the cover. TIPS FOR PREVENTION: Coat the gasket with diesel fuel and slip it by hand onto the cover. Also coat the sealing components that are integrated in the filter before inserting the filter into the housing.




Diagnosis and root cause: leakage, as the centre post has come loose when the cover was removed and screwed out by several turns. This exposes a drain path and the filter runs dry. When starting the vehicle, the housing must then first be pumped full of fuel, which causes a delay in the starting process. TIPS FOR PREVENTION: before inserting the new filter, make sure that the centre post is seated tightly, as shown in the following illustration.


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