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Damaged oil filter paper

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Issue no. 03/2018: Damaged oil filter paper


If during an oil change, the filter paper in the old oil filter insert is found to be deformed or damaged, there are several possible causes:


  • The first and most common reason is noncompliance with proper maintenance and replacement intervals. The oil filter is worked too hard, reaches its maximum absorption limit, and collapses.
  • The second possibility is continued operation at high engine temperatures. This makes the filter paper age faster and the impregnation layer become brittle. 
    The result: the cellulose fibers break down, the paper tears, and the filter disintegrates.
  • The third possible cause relates to carbon buildup in the engine. As a result, the oil pressure regulating valve can stick, thus damaging the filter (see also issue no.04/2016).

Other circumstances can also result in damage to the filter paper, such as increased fuel input and a high biofuel content in the engine oil. An increase in short journeys and advanced engine wear can also lead to shorter replacement intervals.


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IMPORTANT: Besides complying with the manufacturer’s specifications, oil and filter changes should always be adapted to suit the individual driving profile! The use of high-quality engine oil can also reduce the load on the oil filter significantly.