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Ferodo Brakes With Roll Bars



Brakes with roll bars


The parking brake roll-away test shows which brake pads put a bar on rolling away when a vehicle is parked on a gradient. And which ones will let you down (the hill). Guess who holds the car, and the prize?


Media Library - Ferodo 8% Gradient

The test used an Audi A4 with a normal load, parked on an 8% gradient with handbrake applied, and with the brake discs at a temperature of 300°C (a fairly normal condition) at time of parking.   As the discs cooled, no less than 50% of competitor pads tested failed to hold the car, which began to roll away down the hill. Some failed sooner than others (at 123°C ) others had failed by the time the disc temperature had reached 56°C. But Ferodo brake pads held the vehicle securely until the discs had cooled completely – and for the rest of the test, of course.   So if you want to fit OE-quality brake pads which are “roll” models for the rest, make sure you fit Ferodo. They make a “hill” of a difference. Click here for details of this and our other benchmarking tests.  





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