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Different fuel filter elements in the same housing height

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Issue no. 01/2018:

Different fuel filter elements in the same housing height


Fuel filter changes can be a source of irritation in vehicles
with 1.6 and 2.0 TDI engines (without a water level
sensor in the filter housing) from the Volkswagen Group.
This is because the manufacturer uses both long and
short filter elements in these engines, yet the filter housing
is identical.Media Library - MahleTech1

So if the MAHLE KX 386 Eco fuel filter element is used,
the overall height of this element can differ significantly
from that of the old filter. This is not a nonconformity,
however, and does not impair the filter function in
any way.




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IMPORTANT: Before fitting the new filter element, be sure to drain any remaining fuel from the filter housing and dispose of it properly. This minimises the immediate contamination of the new filter with contaminated fuel. In addition, always wet the new rubber gaskets with clean fuel beforehand to avoid damaging them during installation.