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Technical Information MAF sensors

  • Vehicle Related Issue – Showing symptoms of a faulty sensor
  • Poor vehicle performance, lack of power

Black smoke from the exhaust, over fuelling at low rpm understanding how any component works is a head start into diagnosing any faults with the system. If the vehicle in question is under performing it’s a good idea to test both the MAF (Mass Air Flow) and MAP (Manifold Pressure Sensor) for any fault codes. First, let’s take a look inside the MAF and MAP to get a better clue as to what

is happening.


An Inside Look …


Let’s start with the MAF. The hot wire type is very popular among vehicle manufacturers as it can accurately measure the air flow and air temperature, whilst causing little resistance to the flow of incoming air. The MAF is located between the air filter and throttle butterfly. It’s easily accessible

for testing.


To see the full report click the link below.


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