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The impact of reduced usage on vehicle batteries

Date: 17th May, 2021



A period of short, infrequent journeys or a length of time when a vehicle is not being used can cause its battery to fail rapidly. This is because:

  • A battery is an electrochemical device which naturally loses charge over time
  • It loses charge faster in higher spring and summer temperatures
  • Alarms and electrical systems will drain it, even when the vehicle is turned off
  • Shorter, infrequent journeys will take more charge away than the alternator is able to replace
  • Over time it will drain more deeply causing failure due to internal battery damage (sulphation and acid stratification). This type of failure is service related and not due to a manufacturing defect. It is not covered by the battery’s warranty.


To keep on top of battery testing and warranty issues with vehicle batteries, use the GYT250 Battery and Electrical System Tester.


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Battery & electrical system testing for technicians


Managing vehicle battery warranty claims can be complex, so the GYT250 accurately determines if a GS Yuasa product should be replaced under warranty. It is the only tester on the market with a bespoke testing algorithm for Yuasa and GS batteries.



  • Accurate warranty, stock & in-vehicle battery tests
  • For testing conventional & next generation 12V vehicle batteries up to 2000A (EN)
  • Dedicated tests for automotive, commercial vehicle & motorcycle battery types
  • Leisure battery specific conductance health test
  • Standard & smart alternator, starter & earth tests (12V & 24V)
  • Full colour, back-lit display
  • Most cost effective solution on the market

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The impact of reduced usage on vehicle batteries

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