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Wiper Blades and Braking Components for EV Applications from Bosch

Date: 1st December, 2021



Bosch wiper blades for electric and hybrid vehicles: a clear view with Aerotwin sets and rear wipers


In the European market, the sales of electric and hybrid vehicles has seen a significant growth during the last decade, surpassing with outstanding results even with the Covid-19 impact.
Although, the request for wear and tear spare parts from both car drivers and workshops has increased as well.. With a market coverage of 98%, Bosch is providing front and rear wiper blades for most of electric and hybrid vehicles in the European market.
Bosch Aerotwin stands for outstanding wiping performance and quiet wiping even under extreme weather conditions. Equipped with PPP wiper rubber with its patented coating and long life-formula, it provides safety, ensures a clear view and increases the driver satisfaction.
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Bosch brake pads and discs: a single and complete range that covers both ICE and electric & hybrid vehicles


The number of newly registered electric and hybrid vehicles has seen a rapid growth during the last decade and increased in major markets in 2020 despite the Covid pandemic.
Therefore, these vehicles play an important role not only for the owners but for workshops as well. In this respect, featuring a European market coverage for pads (EV&HEV) of up to 90%, Bosch is ready to serve the workshops with one complete and available range of brake pads and discs, suitable not only for ICE vehicles but as well for Electric & Hybrid ones.
The quality requirements without compromises, applies to all Bosch products no matter if the application is a combustion or an electric/ hybrid vehicle. Top braking performance is achieved by selecting premium materials and consistent testing of the parts.
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Wiper Blades and Braking Components for EV Applications from Bosch

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