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Additional securing aids for air filter element LX 1566

Date: 21st March, 2018


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Issue no. 02/2018: Additional securing aids for air filter element LX 1566


MAHLE air filter element LX 1566 for Volkswagen Group
vehicles is equipped with additional securing aids (locking pins) to ensure a higher contact pressure. Because comparable
air filter elements do not have these securing

aids, a direct comparison can beproblematic.  

Media Library - TM0218FIG1


When installing the LX 1566, it is important to carry out the following steps:
1. The left-hand side of the air filter element must first
be inserted into the housing, see Figure 2.
2. While the left-hand side is secured manually, the right-hand side should be

clicked into the appropriate mechanism,

see Figure 3. Media Library - TM0218FIG2


Media Library - TM0218FIG3


IMPORTANT: The difference between the appearance and design of this and comparable air filter elements is not a defect. Quite the opposite: it ensures optimal positioning of the element in the filter housing.

Additional securing aids for air filter element LX 1566

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