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The brand name 'Varta' stands for the highest-quality, cutting-edge technology and comprehensive battery know-how. Varta Automotive is the largest manufacturer of car and commercial vehicle batteries in Europe, and with its large range of products it offers the right battery for each vehicle. Varta has eight production sites, located in four European countries: Germany, France, Spain and the Czech Republic.

Be it technology, safety, service life or comfort Varta combines all-round maximum performance with an extensive range of batteries for almost every make of car. No battery in the market place is more suited to coping with the demands of sophisticated electronics, such as smart-charging systems, engine management-systems, and a whole host of power-consuming accessories.


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Quick and easy: get the right battery with the VARTA® Automotive app


  • New VARTA Automotive app finds the right replacement battery, whenever and wherever it's needed
  • Quick and easy searching by vehicle type and battery code
  • Helpful replacement information, such as installation time and battery position
  • Integrated dealer search for end customers
  • Free app now available in the Apple App Store for all Apple iPhones and iPads

Johnson Controls has developed a new mobile battery search facility to give garages and end customers a quick and easy way to determine the right VARTA battery for every kind of vehicle. The VARTA Automotive battery search mobile application identifies the right battery by vehicle type, European part number or short code and boasts a comprehensive dealer search facility. The free application is now available in the Apple App Store for iPhones and iPads.

Benefits for garages and consumers
The VARTA battery search mobile application has various quick and easy search functions for finding the right battery. The vehicle search begins by selecting the construction year, make, model and engine type. Once the correct vehicle model has been selected, the application shows the right VARTA battery and provides helpful product information. The perfect battery can also be identified using the European part number or short code. The user can achieve even faster results by directly entering the KBA code from the vehicle registration document.
The battery search mobile application provides helpful information for garages to speed up battery swaps. The precise installation position and estimated installation time are also displayed for fast battery replacement.  

The integrated dealer search helps end customers locate a VARTA dealer near them. It lists all battery dealers near the current or desired location, plus their contact details, and indicates the closest VARTA dealer.

New VARTA® battery search mobile application with four functions: Search by vehicle type, European part number, dealer identification and a detailed VARTA battery catalog.
The perfect VARTA® battery: Once the vehicle has been identified from the make, model and construction year, the VARTA battery search application indicates the perfect battery and provides technical information.

All the information needed for a battery swap: The VARTA® battery search application shows the specific position of the battery.


Dealer search: The battery search mobile application lists all VARTA® battery dealers near the end customer’s current or desired location, plus their contact details, and indicates the closest dealer. Download using the QR below.


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