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Payen Sealing

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Payen® brings the aftermarket award-winning sealing solutions, with cutting-edge head gaskets and gasket kits for virtually all automotive applications.

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Original equipment (OE) expertise

Payen cylinder head gaskets are produced to the exacting standards of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers. More than 43 million new vehicles have been fitted with high durability Payen MLS (Multi-Layer Steel) head gaskets. Over 40 million Payen Liquid Elastomer Molding® (LEM®) gaskets have been fitted to OE applications, their low clamping loads helping to achieve weight savings.


Enabling environmental innovation

Technical requirements for gaskets have changed considerably and Payen has met these challenges with award-winning solutions to powertrain repair. Our High Temperature Alloy (HTA) gaskets have been recognised as an exceptional breakthrough, receiving a PACE Award in 2007. Federal-Mogul also developed a High Temperature Coating (HTC) which gives thermal stability over 1,000°C.


Extensive choice and coverage

Payen offers a full range of fibre, multi-layer steel and steel/elastomer (D/E) gaskets for almost every light and heavy-duty vehicle application. 


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