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The mobility concepts for the future are based firmly on vehicles with low emissions but high performance. As the world market leader in automotive lighting, OSRAM is setting the pace in researching and developing new types of lighting systems. The result is a series of technologies that are economical yet powerful, refined yet simple, enhancing both comfort and safety on the roads.


There are numerous reasons why OSRAM leads the world in automotive lighting. Not only do we supply innovative products, we actively support retailers and workshops with high-performance sales logistics and reliable delivery service. Training courses and intensive advertising and PR activities ensure optimal consulting quality and higher sales. On the spare parts market too, our products meet the same high quality standards that automobile manufacturers demand for their new cars (as per Directive EU 1400/2002).



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Sustainable production for the sake of the environment

Sustainability is an essential part of our corporate philosophy. OSRAM therefore uses as few hazardous substances as possible, saves energy at every opportunity and reduces the amount of packaging material wherever it can. Environmental protection is much more for us than just meeting statutory requirements. Our comprehensive environmental management system ensures that our principles are always put into practice. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, OSRAM is committed to ecologically and socially sustainable development throughout the world.

Hazardous substances

There are strict restrictions on the use of hazardous substances in all areas of the company – from development and production to the cleaning processes in the operational facilities. OSRAM makes use of highly developed technologies to reduce the use of hazardous substances to the absolute minimum necessary to ensure correct operation.



In terms of energy savings, OSRAM has two claims to fame. First, the company itself saves on resources by developing and operating safe and clean plants that need less and less energy. Second, it develops energy-saving products that meet the needs of eco-conscious customers.



OSRAM makes use of the latest eco-friendly developments for its packaging. The majority of products are packaged in cardboard boxes or blister packs and then in corrugated cardboard cartons as packaging units. Therefore, the recycling quotas here are particularly high: 80 % for cardboard boxes and blister packs, and between 70 % and 90 % forcorrugated cardboard cartons.


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