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OPTIMA Batteries

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OPTIMA® batteries are Johnson Controls’ premium brand of auto, marine and commercial batteries in North America with worldwide distribution and significant presence in the Americas, Europe and Asia. OPTIMA batteries deliver ultimate power for high-demand applications, standing apart from any other battery in the world with a unique six-pack design and Spiralcell® AGM Technology.

Spiralcell Technology
The unique Spiralcell design makes OPTIMA batteries a strong, clean power source that far surpasses any of today’s lead acid battery technologies. Manufactured with a patented automated assembly process, cells featuring Spiralcell Technology use high-compression absorptive glass mat (AGM) material, supporting superior vibration resistance and extended battery life. High-purity materials, including 99.99% pure lead, help increase battery life up to twice that of traditional flooded batteries. And the low-sulfate chemistry and low-acid reaction provide extended higher cycling capacity.


OPTIMA Solutions
OPTIMA offers three battery types for automotive, marine, commercial vehicle and recreational vehicle (RV) power needs. The different batteries are easily identified by their colored tops:


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