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NGK Spark & Glow Plugs, NTK Lambda Sensors.

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NGK has become the brand leader in the spark plug market and the number one choice of the professional as a result of its quality, technical excellence and total commitment to research and development. This has led to major successes with vehicle manufacturers worldwide who are increasingly specifying bespoke plugs so as to achieve maximum efficiency from their new engines.


-Spark Plug (For Automobile)

Several types of the spark plugs are available for use in Automobiles. There are V-grooved plugs, projected gap plugs, Platinum plugs, Iridium plugs, multiple ground electrode plugs, etc for the Automobile use. Recent vehicles mainly use resister plugs which restrain the ignition noise created by a spark, and thus suppress the noise in the car radio, cellular phone and on-board control systems.






Glow Plug (For Diesel Engine) (Metal Type)

Metal-type glow plugs have a heating coil inside a heat-resistant alloy tube. We now manufacture metal-type glow plugs with an 8mm thread diameter.





Glow Plug (For Diesel Engine) (Ceramic Type)

Ceramic-type glow plugs deliver excellent heat resistance and durability. This is due to the heater elements being buried in ceramic made of silicon nitride. Ceramic-type glow plugs have been employed in diesel engines since 1985.


Save the environment and your wallet: NTK lambda sensors




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NTK is the world’s largest supplier and manufacturer of original equipment oxygen sensors. NTK Oxygen Sensors combines expertise with innovation and delivers Oxygen Sensors with superior fit, form and function.  When you require the best, count on NTK Oxygen Sensors to deliver.


Oxygen Sensors are used in modern automobiles to control the fuel and ignition systems to optimize a car's performance in the areas of emissions and fuel economy. Sensors are located before and after the catalytic converter to check on the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. The sensor sends signals to the car's on-board computer, which then can adjust several variables, including air/fuel ratio and timing, in order to bring the engine into the optimum operating range.


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