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Glyco Engine Bearings

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The world’s most trusted bearings

The Glyco® brand from Federal-Mogul is highly respected around the world, bringing an unrivalled range of engine bearings and materials.


Original Equipment (OE) expertise

Every year, Glyco Original Equipment (OE) bearings are installed on more than 10 million automotive, maritime and stationary engines, as well as on agricultural and construction equipment. Glyco advanced engine bearing technologies withstand heavy loads and cope with the increasingly challenging conditions of modern engines. We bring these OE-proven technologies to the aftermarket, with designs optimised for each application.


The evolution of engine design

As engine designers drive down CO2 emissions and extract more power from less fuel, conventional bearings struggle to cope with the heavy loads and high temperatures. Glyco draws on over 100 years’ experience to provide bearings with advanced metallurgy that support today’s lightweight, durable and green technologies.

Federal-Mogul invented Glyco Sputter bearings with twice the service life of conventional bearings. We created Glyco G-188, which is the first ‘intelligent’ bearing material, and were also first to create fully lead-free bearing materials. Recent innovations include the highly durable Glyco IROX® bearing shells, which address the challenges of hybrid, stop-start and downsized engines.


Broad range of bearings

The Glyco range of over 2,500 bearings, including main, flanged and conrod bearings, supports more than 10,000 diverse engine applications. Innovative materials and designs give aftermarket customers significant benefits including long life.


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