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Clarion Car Audio & Multimedia

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Clarion has been a leader throughout its history. The company intoduced Japan's first car radio in 1951, Japan's first in-car stereo in 1963 and the world's first AutoPC in 1998. Since the early days, Clarion has continued to open up new opportunities in in-car entertainment in order to exceed customer expectations through forward-thinking design and the latest technology, with a perspective that focuses one step beyond the present.


In-Vehicle Audio Systems

Over the years, Clarion has persistently polished its audio and acoustic technologies, and sought to create the ideal sound environment within the car. In addition to seamless connectivity with portable audio players and smartphones, our unique audio technologies are also a major advantage of Clarion audio systems as they allow creation of an ideal sound field in the car interior, an environment that suffers from much unwanted reflection and absorption of sound. Furthermore, the “Full-Digital Speaker” which balances eco-friendliness with premium sound was a world’s first development for the automotive field, and was launched in the Japanese market starting December 2012. Through this technology, we will be promoting the commercialization of car audio systems that are ideal for next-generation eco cars.


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